In Case You Missed It


Hot mics, a tightening race, and other matters of politics. Plus: Water is life. 

The most…okay, let’s just use the word “unusual”… U.S. election in decades will be over by this time next week, but the outcomes (and the aftermath) are still hard to predict. Of course, we know it’s not exactly polite to talk politics. So why not watch instead?

pollingparty_newsletterOur newest Spotlight collection, Polling Party, includes fascinating docs about former elected officials mixed in with compelling profiles of various revolutionary movements, and much more. Highlights include Penny Lane’s all-archival documentary Our Nixon and Feed, a flashback to 1992 that shows how historically speaking, hot-mic gaffes are as American as apple pie. Just don’t get so engrossed that you forget to vote!

wevotersIf you’re looking for some extra info-tainment to help you get in a civic duty state-of-mind, We the Voters serves up bite-sized history, policy, sociology, and political science lessons about all kinds of issues that will likely appear on your ballot..You’ll be feeling like a super-informed voter in no time! These films are only available to our U.S. viewers, but they’re available without a membership right now, so anyone who wants to get some extra knowledge is welcome to binge out on the dozen-plus shorts now streaming. Canadians, we’re sorry about the region restrictions! But to be fair, you already elected your president.

icymi-standingrock-3Bakken Formation oil, however, the kind that would be transported through the Dakota Access Pipeline, hails from both the United States and Canada. This week, we’re “checking in” to Standing Rock, the indigenous land where water protectors and their allies have been protesting this so-called “black snake”, with a Water is Life movie list full of hard-hitting nonfiction films about the effects of pollution, the dangers of valuing profits over people, and the dire importance of water as a human right. Watch on, and learn about fossil fuels and eco-warriors, dam projects and displacements. Your backyard could be next!

With that, we’ll leave you to your weekend viewing — and for some, early voting! If these docs leave you with anything, let it be that everyone has the power to make their voice heard, and make a difference. From all of us at Planet Fandor, a place without affiliation except to the power of cinema, happy watching.

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