In Case You Missed It

icymi-paleyThree ways we’re using movies to cope with the psychic effects of a strange week. Hint: One of them is cats.

There’s no way around it: The world has changed. There’s no way around it: The divides are deep. There’s no way around it: There is more chaos to come. And, most likely, more suffering.

How about a movie?

Lest you believe us flippant, consider: Films are cathartic. Films are a conduit for the imagination. Films transport us. They tell us stories, and give us a means of escape.

lightiswaitingIf you are, say, dealing with total information overload, why not step slowly away from the feeds and think-pieces and let the colors, lights, and shapes in these animated and psychedelic shorts wash over you for a while? From Michael Robinson‘s mind-erasing take on a “very special” episode of Full House, Light is Waiting, to a rotoscoped cat video by Nina Paley (director of Sita Sings the Blues) and beyond, this movie list is full of bite-sized films that will drown out the cacophony in no time. Just remember to breathe.

spotlight-catsanddogsSpeaking of cat videos, our Spotlight on Cats and Dogs is chock full of cute and fuzzy friends ready and waiting to counteract shock with “awww.” There’s really nothing like a cute mammal to give you good feelings, is there? From horror to drama, humor to just plain silliness, all of the movies in this Spotlight feature compelling four-legged characters.

hardtobeagodHowever, if neither pretty patterns nor adorable animals will do at a time like this, we can offer something else entirely, and that’s nothing less than fascinatingly terrifying visions of true dystopia. In these times of civil unrest and uncertain next steps, it’s wise to remember that things could always be worse! Take a vacation in some objectively brutal futures with a movie list entitled, fittingly, Apocalypse No, Really. We’re talking messy mud-punk, evil corporate oligarchies, and technophobic neo-luddite regimes! We’re talking massive floodsatomic war, and deadly games! Of course, as much as these films can be a comfort, they also stand as a powerful warning of what can happen when the Earth is poisoned or a government fails its people. They’re also a powerful reminder that we create our own futures, one day at a time.

With that, we’ll leave you with one last thing before we sign off on this cinematic self-care regimen: We once said that this song had officially been done to death on-screen. But today, as we celebrate his incredible life and musical gifts, we’re giving Leonard Cohen one last “Hallelujah” over on Keyframe. So, once more with feeling, sing with us:

Gosh, 2016. Just….gosh.








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