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icymi-52tuesdaysThis week on Fandor: Learn from the movies, look for the helpers.

Here on Planet Fandor, we’re really settling into this “post-truth” moment. One of the hallmarks of these fraught times is the erasure of distinction between fact and fiction, fantasy and reality. That means that now (yes, now more than ever), mass media is an essential tool for remembrance, education, investigation, and resistance. Over on Keyframe, connections between our world and the magical world of Harry Potter are already being drawn, and this video essay brilliantly breaks down the message of tolerance that those films carry:

Keyframe Daily’s intrepid David Hudson has also been imagining what the next four years of cinema will bring, and how those movies may act as a mirror for us to better see our nation, our history, and our trajectory. Read the full article here, and let it inspire you to make, and watch, the culture you want to see in the world!

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” — Mister Rogers

thehelpersThis quote has been on our minds quite a bit lately. We can’t think of a more wonderful thing to celebrate right now than the courageous, generous, righteous, and innovative acts of individuals, and so we’ve put together a movie list that we hope will nurture your inner humanitarian. From concerned parents seeking justice in The Jena 6 to the brave physicians in Living in Emergency to the aid workers in The Third Wave (pictured left), these documentaries introduce us to those who have committed their lives to making others’ better. As we move through this season of gratitude, we can all stand to learn from their example.

We can also learn quite a lot from the protagonists in our Transgender Awareness transawWeek (November 14-20) movie list, which is full of films that show the range and power of the transgender experience. Curated by Talia Feder, who also brings you Fandor’s bi-weekly Spotlight collections, this list is nothing short of a study in the courage to be true to oneself and to live that truth every single day, no matter what.

With that, we’ll be back next week with films and news inspired by the Thanksgiving holiday, the joy (or “joy”, as the case may be) of family, and the impulse to “reach across the table” — whether it’s for whirled peas or world peace! Until then, happy watching!

This week’s Featured Image is from 52 Tuesdays,which is currently streaming only in the US. 

One thought on “In Case You Missed It

  1. I gave this service a couple of runs and after experiencing buffering and latency issues with nearly every film session, I cancelled and moved to Flimstruck. The service reps like to push the blame off on you rather than being honest about their inundated servers or software compatibility issues ie: bugs, with assorted browsers or mobile platforms. I subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, Mubi and now Filmstruck and have never had any such issue with their service. I also have a 100mb rather than the normal 10 to 30 most people have so it surely isn’t my service, nor my gigabyte port ethernet connection. I gave them over a year to work these issues out, and it got better for a bit, but as they add new users, the latency issues returned. They may not want to hear this, but moving to Filmstruck makes Fandor look like a outdated joke. The Android app and web app is beautiful and nearly flawless while offering just about anything you could want film knowledge wise. I have messaged and told fandor for months that their Android app looks like a poorly ported version of their web app, rather than a polished professional mobile app like Filmstruck or even Mubi. Anyways, as you can guess I am done with Fandor and moving on with Filmstruck. I would have kept the service because I support this sort of serious film movement, which is why I have Mubi and other services, but I am not going to accept their poor service as my fault. These people don’t realize that some users like me, work in Information Technology, and like me are professional network specialist. I know how to use command line to check and troubleshoot issues with latency. Even if I weren’t, the simple fact that all other streaming services and applications on all the devices I use in my home work accept your service, tells you there is something wrong on your end. There are also forums and readit entries galore stating the same issues.

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