Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr was born 29 November 1933. Kerr's childhood during the war years was spent in south Oxfordshire, but was evacuated to Ilfracombe for a period, and immediately afterwards the family was farming in the area. He was at school at Radley College at which he did not thrive. He spent his National Service as a stores assistant at Portsmouth in the Royal Navy in which his father served. For ten years following 1958 he was employed as personal assistant to Randolph Spencer Churchill, who was writing the official biography of his father, Sir Winston Churchill. In 1971 he staged Glastonbury Fair, along with Arabella Churchill following Michael Eavis' famous Pilton Pop Festival of 1970. Glastonbury Fair was the first festival to use the pyramid stage, inspired by the cult figure John Michell. The position of the stage was doused by Andrew according with his belief in ley-lines, and the 'Glastonbury' part of the festival's name was introduced. He was inspired to put on a free festival after his experience at the commercial Isle of Wight Festival in 1970.


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