Bongwater was a psych rock band formed in 1985 and dissolved in 1992. The group was founded by Ann Magnuson and Mark Kramer (who was also the founder of the Shimmy Disc record label), who had worked together previously in Pulsallama. The group also featured drummer Dave Licht and guitarists Dave Rick and later Randolph A. Hudson III. Guests included Fred Frith, Peter Stampfel and Fred Schneider. Earlier recordings consisted of psychedelic-era cover songs, sound collages and originals in an abrasive and/or abstract, dense and sludgy experimental style with often dreamy and cacophonous vocals by Magnuson on the songs "Frank" (a sardonic "tribute" to Frank Sinatra) and "Dazed and Chinese" (Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused", sung in Cantonese). The band's style ultimately evolved into a more poppy, sexy approach which still retained an experimental edge as well as retaining the surreal and wicked, often self-deprecating wit which had distinguished the group's earlier releases. Lengthy sound collages would often terminate or begin the songs and without warning and a spoken word monologue (often taken from Magnuson's dream journal excerpts) might cut into the music.


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