Brunello Rondi

Brunello Rondi, (Tirano, 26 November 1924 – Rome, 7 November 1989) was a prolific Italian screen writer and film director best known for his frequent script collaborations with Federico Fellini. His brother, Gian Luigi Rondi, is a distinguished Italian film critic. Noted chiefly as a script-writer and script consultant, Brunello Rondi began his career as an uncredited writer on The Flowers of St. Francis by Roberto Rossellini. His most prized collaborations were on the film scripts of La Dolce Vita (1960), 8½ (1963), Juliet of the Spirits (1964), Orchestra Rehearsal (1978), and City of Women (1980), all co-written and directed by Fellini. On the writing of La Dolce Vita, Rondi helped build up the character of Steiner, the intellectual who kills his wife and children. As a Fellini intimate, Rondi also played a crucial role in the early stages of 8½. In a letter dated October 1960, Fellini outlined his initial ideas to Rondi that were later developed into the screenplay with co-writers Ennio Flaiano and Tullio Pinelli.


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