Chua Lam

Chua Lam (also known as Tsai Lan, Teochew: Chùa Lāng) (simplified Chinese: 蔡澜, traditional Chinese: 蔡瀾, Japanese: チョイ・ラン) (born 1941 in Singapore) is a columnist, food critic and occasional television host in Hong Kong and Japan. He was also a movie producer for the Hong Kong movie studio Golden Harvest. Chua Lam's father, Chua Boon Suan (蔡文玄), hailed from the Jio Mung Chua (蔡門石) village in Chaozhou, and later migrated to Singapore. His father worked in a high-ranking post at the Shaw Brothers Studio and his father died in 1997. Chua Lam currently is staying in Hong Kong. Chua was a producer of several movies for Golden Harvest, including several films for Jackie Chan. Notable films include Mr. Nice Guy (credited as executive producer), Thunderbolt (credited as producer), Sex and Zen and City Hunter (credited as producer). Chua was a columnist on Oriental Daily in Hong Kong. Chua later switched to writing columns for the Next Media's publications, namely Next Magazine (on movies and a restaurant guide), Apple Daily and Eat and Travel Weekly. All columns have continued as of 2007.

Executive Producer

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