Debra Anderson

Debra Anderson has worked in the film and television industry for seventeen years as an editor and a producer. Since 1993, she has been the editor of more than thirty national television shows. Her work has been broadcast on PBS, National Geographic, HBO, A&E, AMC and VH1. Anderson began to shoot Split Estate in 2006 after reading a story in On Earth Magazine about a woman named Laura Amos from Garfield County, Colorado, who developed a rare adrenal tumor after drilling commenced in her neighborhood. Anderson was moved to tell the story of a growing number of people, like Laura, who are experiencing serious health effects associated with drilling practices. Much to her surprise, the story landed in Anderson’s own backyard when Tecton Energy started drilling in the Galisteo Basin in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This time, there was a happier ending: a grassroots coalition, which used a rough cut of the film as a educational tool, helped to establish one of the strongest ordinances in the country and the industry backed off…for now. During the production of Split Estate, Debra established Red Rock Pictures, a production company dedicated to the creation of documentaries that explore deeply felt human stories about the environment, energy and human rights. quoted from:





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