George Woodman

George Woodman (born 1932) is an American ceramicist, painter, and photographer. Woodman was born in 1932. He went to Harvard University and married Betty Woodman (the former Elizabeth Abrahams) in 1953. After earning a master's degree in painting at the University of New Mexico, he taught painting and art criticism at the University of Colorado at Boulder until 1996. The Woodmans moved to New York in 1980 and have a second home in Italy where they have spent their summers. The Woodmans' son Charles was born in 1955 and became Associate Professor of Electronic Art at the University of Cincinnati. Their daughter was the photographer Francesca Woodman; she was born in 1958 and committed suicide in 1981. George Woodman selected some of his daughter's journal entries for publication in the book Francesca Woodman edited by Chris Townsend (Phaidon, 2006). Until the early 1970s, George Woodman painted the ceramic work of Betty Woodman. His own ceramic art includes a 1991 tile mural Ode to the West Wind in the Temple Buell Theater in Denver, Colorado and a 2004 tile mural Path Games at the Detroit People Mover's Renaissance Center Station.


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