Glory Annen Clibbery

Glory Annen Clibbery (born September 5, 1952) is a Canadian actress, who is well known for her involvement in a landmark Family Law case in London, Allan v. Clibbery. Clibbery was born in Kenora, Ontario, Canada. She attended the Victoria Composite Highschool of Performing Arts in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and at age 17, she emigrated to England to further her education at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, graduating in 1976. She remained based in England but worked around the world as she pursued an acting career. She made her first movie, Cruel Passion, in 1974, at age 22. She has worked in several films which include with the cult filmmaker Norman J. Warren films Prey (1977) and Spaced Out (AKA Outer Touch) (1979), the most notable being the Australian production Felicity (1979) for John D. Lamond. Unfortunately, her film career began to fade with a minor role in The Lonely Lady (1983) and a bit-parts in Supergirl (1984) and Water (1985). Her last film work was True Files for John D. Lamond filmed primarily in Singapore and completed in 2000.


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