Heinrich George

Heinrich George (9 October 1893 – 25 September 1946), born Georg August Friedrich Hermann Schulz, was a German stage and film actor. George is noted for having spooked the young Bertolt Brecht in his first directing job, a production of Arnolt Bronnen's Parricide (1922), when he refused to continue working with the director. He played in Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927) and Dreyfus (1930). In 1931, he starred in Berlin Alexanderplatz (1931). George was an active member of the Communist party during the Weimar Republic. He worked with noted left-wing dramatists Erwin Piscator and Bertolt Brecht. He had also starred in the lead role of the 1931 film Berlin-Alexanderplatz. After the Nazi takeover, George was initially classified as a "non-desirable" actor because of his earlier political affiliations and was thus barred from working in cinematic productions. However, he was able to reach an accommodation with the Nazi regime. In 1937, George was designated as a Staatsschauspieler (i.e. an actor of national importance) and in 1938 was appointed director of the Schiller Theater in Berlin.


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