Jimmy Lydon

Jimmy Lydon (born May 30, 1923) is an American movie actor and television producer, whose career in the entertainment industry began as a teenage actor in the 1930s. Lydon grew up in Bergenfield, New Jersey. He initially appeared on the Broadway stage in 1937, before making movies beginning as a teenager. One of his first starring roles was the title character in the 1940 movie, Tom Brown's School Days, which also starred Cedric Hardwicke and Freddie Bartholomew. It was well received by critics, with Variety praising it in a January 1940 review as "sympathetically and skillfully made, with many touching moments and an excellent cast". Lydon was called "believable and moving in the early portions, but too young for the final moments". Lydon then starred as the screechy-voiced, adolescent Henry Aldrich in the movie series of that title, between 1941–1944. After completing the Henry Aldrich series, the 21-year-old Lydon signed a contract in 1944 with Republic Pictures. He appeared with William Powell, Irene Dunne, and Elizabeth Taylor in the acclaimed 1947 film Life with Father, in the role of college-bound Clarence.


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