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Justus von Dohnányi

Justus von Dohnányi (born December 2, 1960) is a German actor. His father is the German conductor, Christoph von Dohnányi and his grandfather was the German jurist and member of the German resistance, Hans von Dohnanyi. Born in Lübeck, he studied acting in Hamburg. He appeared on the legitimate stage in Hamburg, Zurich, and Frankfurt before working in television, where he appeared in several television movies. He appeared in the 2004 movie Downfall (German: Der Untergang) as Wilhelm Burgdorf. He had a prominent role in the 2001 movie The Experiment as a prison guard, opposite Moritz Bleibtreu and Christian Berkel, who also appeared in Downfall. He received the 2001 Lola for Best Supporting Actor. Von Dohnányi is the son of German conductor Christoph von Dohnányi and a member of the well-known Dohnányi family. His grandfather was Hans von Dohnanyi, German jurist and German resistance fighter and his great-uncle was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran pastor and a co-founder of the Confessing Church, both of whom were executed by the Third Reich.


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