Morgan Langley

Morgan Langley, (born January 26, 1976), is an American television producer. He is best known as the executive producer, and former producer, of the long-running COPS television show, currently entering its 24th season on the Fox Broadcasting Network. Langley is also the executive producer of Jail, which currently airs on Spike TV,, and which also aired on My Network TV and on TruTV under the title “Inside American Jail.” He is the first-born son of John Langley, creator of COPS, and is listed as “Senior Vice President of Production and Development” at Langley Productions. Other credits include Las Vegas Jailhouse, and Vegas Strip, on TruTV; Street Patrol, Video Justice, and others. Langley Productions is one of the premiere independent production companies in the entertainment industry. In 2011-2012, Langley is responsible for the following shows running concurrently: Cops, Las Vegas Jailhouse, Vegas Strip, Jail, and Street Patrol. Morgan Langley is currently producing Undercover Stings for Spike set to premiere in Spring 2012.

Executive Producer

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