Nao Bustamante

Nao Bustamante (b. September 3, 1969) is a performance artist originating from the San Joaquin Valley of California. Her work encompasses performance art, sculpture, installation, video art, pop music and experimental rips in time. She is probably most well known for her appearance on the Bravo Network show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist where she was eliminated on the fourth episode. Rosa Does Joan (1992) In July 1992, Nao Bustamante in one of her most widely seen performances created the character of "Rosa" the exhibitionist, to appear on the Joan Rivers Show in 1992. On the show, "Rosa" sat between a binocular-toting Manhattan voyeur and a naughtypublic-access television cable TV actress,describing her lifestyle as a "stunt exhibitionist". Unbeknownst to the audience, the "Rosa" character was mostly a fabrication, allowing Nao to roll out a kinky sex-positive spin, mindtripping Middle America. This televised performance can be linked back to Kaprow's idea of a happening, in which an event spreads awareness and wakes the public out of passivity, creating active spectators.


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