Nikolas Schreck

Nikolas Schreck is an American musician, author, film-maker and religious teacher. Founder and frontman of the experimental occult band Radio Werewolf from 1984–1993, Schreck is also the author of several books on true crime, cinema, literature, and magic. He directed the documentary Charles Manson Superstar. and has appeared in several other documentaries and films. He is married to Zeena Schreck (formerly Zeena LaVey). Before his conversion to Tantric Buddhism, and his renunciation of Satanism, Schreck was a prominent black magician who worked closely in the late 1980s with Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey, although he was not a member of the Church. Schreck and his wife Zeena co-directed the Werewolf Order and were high-ranking members of the Temple of Set before resigning with several others due to religious and administrative differences. In 2002, Schreck co-founded the Sethian Liberation Movement (formerly the Storm) which is currently located in Berlin. Schreck founded the band Radio Werewolf in 1984.




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