Parviz Fannizadeh

Parviz Fannizadeh (Persian: پرویز فنی‌زاده) was a legendary award winning Iranian film and television star. He was one of Iran's first method actors. Fanizadeh is best known for his roles as Mash Ghaasem in My Uncle Napoleon aka Daii jan Napelon and Hekmati in Ragbaar. Fannizadeh was born and raised in Tehran. He had a passion in acting and started his career and an early age. He graduated from the Iranian Academy of the Dramatic Arts in 1961. In 1966 he played his first role. By the mid 1970s Fannizadeh had become a heroin addict . Although his drug use never affected his work it was known very publicly that he had a drug problem. In 1979 he was found dead at the age of 43 in his house in Tehran.


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