Robert Hecker

Robert Hecker (born March 7, 1965), is the lead guitarist of the current 2006-2012 line-up of Redd Kross. Hecker was born in Hermosa Beach, California. He played lead guitar and sang with Redd Kross from 1984 to 1991, in addition to occasional on-stage reunions throughout the 1990s. He has also played guitar and sang with the band IT'S OK since 1992. With Redd Kross during the 'Teen Babes from Monsanto' era, 1984–1985, Hecker's main guitar was a Gibson SG, played through any number of different amplifiers (Peavey, Acoustic Control Corporation, Sunn, HiWatt, Traynor, Randall). In the mid-to-late 1980s, he played a pair of Carvin guitars: first, a red DC125, which would be enshrined at the Hard Rock Cafe in 1987; and after, a green DC200, 'Cal', which had the lower horn removed. By 1986, and throughout the 'Neurotica' era, he was playing through a Marshall JCM 800 driving a Carvin 4x12 cabinet. In 1988, he switched to a Mesa/Boogie Quad preamp running through a Mesa/Boogie 295 Simul-Class power amp driving a pair of Mesa/Boogie 4x12 cabinets. He would use this set up throughout the 'Third Eye' era.


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