Tiny Maxwell

Robert W. "Tiny" Maxwell (September 7, 1884 – June 30, 1922) was a professional football player and referee. He was also a sports editor with the Philadelphia Public Ledger. Not much is known of Maxwell's childhood. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 7, 1884. He is known to have had a sister, named Katerine Doust at the time of his death. Maxwell began his athletic career began at Englewood High School. There he excelled in football and track and field. He also played the mandolin and was a student actor in the school's Shakespearean plays. Before playing professional football, Maxwell played at the college level while attending the University of Chicago. He played for the Maroons in 1902, under coach Amos Alonzo Stagg. Stagg also recruited Maxwell for his size and style of play. Maxwell weighed 240 pounds, in an era when the average offensive lineman weighed under 200 pounds. Maxwell's struggle with a speech impediment made his physical presence less intimidating and in fact increased his popularity. Bob played guard for Chicago in 1902 and 1903. While attending the University of Chicago, Maxwell was also a boxer and competed in track and field.


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