Wissam Joubran

Wissam Hatem Joubran (Arabic: وسام جبران‎) (born February 19, 1983) is a composer, oud (an Arabic lute) virtuoso, and master lute maker. He is a member of the group Le Trio Joubran. Joubran was born in Nazareth, Galilea. The third child of oud maker Hatem Joubran, and the brother of oud players Samir Joubran and Adnan Joubran. He is considered as the fourth generation of the family Joubran for making string instruments. Joubran showed musical talent early in his life, at five, his fingers were already sensitive to the touch of wood, and at six, he made his first instrument by his own. Joubran start learning the violin, and moved to the oud by the age of seven. The dexterity of Joubran’s fingers, as well as his sense of music leads him to assist his father in crafting his ouds. Thus, the two experiences nurtured one another for the greatest benefit of the instrument and of its musicality. He is noted for his mastery of conveying musical structure, and for a deep sensitivity to the Arab maqamat scale system.


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