Ted Hope Puts Hope for Film in Streaming Cinema in Guest Column for The Hollywood Reporter

Fandor CEO Ted Hope recently penned a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, singing the praises of streaming as the way to make and share new, quality cinema.

Fandor CEO Ted Hope

Fandor CEO Ted Hope

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The Rules of the Game: Fandor’s response to the FCC’s NPRM on Open Internet


The following are Fandor’s comments to the  FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making on the “Open Internet”.  You can see more at the FCC’s website. Learn more about how infrastructure affects creativity at the final Reinvent Hollywood Roundtable on The Rules of the Game, live at 11:00am PT on Tuesday, August 5th. 
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Fandor’s Director of Streaming Talks Net Neutrality

At Fandor, we are passionate about keeping the Internet open. Tim Pozar, Director of Streaming at Fandor, recently spoke alongside Rusty Hodge of SomaFM and Brewster Kahle of Internet Archive at the the SF MusicTech Summit, on a panel regarding Net Neutrality. The panel was moderated by Julie Samuels of Engine. They discussed the nitty-gritty logistics of the changing Internet and shared strategies to deal with increased infrastructure needs and advocate for equal access to bandwidth. We thoroughly recommend giving it a listen.

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The Bechdel Test and Indie Film: A User Guide

Wendy and Lucy Passes the Bechdel Test

WENDY AND LUCY passes the Bechdel Test

Why are we asking viewers to apply the Bechdel Test to our library? It’s about the big picture. 

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Why Net Neutrality Matters to Independent Filmmakers and Viewers


Photo: Jeremy Brooks, licensed under CC BY 2.0

The FCC has just announced that it will propose new rules allowing ISPs to charge increased rates for higher bandwidth users, effectively negating Net Neutrality. What does this mean and what can we do?  Continue reading

Going Into the Story with Ted Hope: Part 4

Ted Hope Fandor

Ted concludes his conversation with Go Into The Story, offering up resources for screenwriters, hope for the “creator class” and a call for change.

“I hope to find partners who believe in the mission that the creators and their supporters should be the direct financial beneficiaries of the work they create.” – Ted Hope

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