We Heart Hartley: A Retrospective at the Cinefamily


Throughout the next month, we’ll be partnering with our favorite independent theater the Cinefamily to present a Hal Hartley retrospective! If you’re in Los Angeles, it’s going to be the place to be next weekend, because Mr. Hartley himself will be there in person!

Hal HartleyYou may know that we released Hartley’s project My America on Independence Day last year. He was one of our very first featured FIX filmmakers, and we’ve also curated a Spotlight showcasing the many films in our library from his fantastic body of work. In short, we’re big fans! We’re so excited to celebrate his career, and we’re also excited to get our Los Angeles Fandorians in on the fun. You can buy tickets to any one of the amazing screenings here, and also enter to WIN tickets to the Thursday (April 2) double feature of Henry Fool and Fay Grim, with a private reception on the beautiful Cinefamily patio beforehand!

We hope to see you out for this incredible celebration — there are screenings happening every weekend of April!


Reinvent Hollywood Wrap-Up: Episode 1 (The Form)

“As feature film loses its dominant position, what will follow?”

A bold query sparked an equally bold discussion, hosted by Fandor CEO Ted Hope, on the ways that platform influences structure and structure influences content. Last Wednesday, the Reinvent Hollywood roundtable series started off with a bang, taking stock of the ways in which cinema is being dismantled and remade by technology.


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Reinvent Hollywood?

If we could redesign the film industry into the best possible system for the artists, the audience and the business, what would it look like? Starting May 28, Fandor CEO Ted Hope will be leading that very conversation, partnering with Reinventors and gathering influencers together for a six-part interactive web series called Reinvent Hollywood

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New Narratives: Building An Interactive Storyworld

South by Southwest Fandor

How can films provide a more immersive, and ultimately more fulfilling, experience for audiences?

The first few weeks of South by Southwest are divided into two camps, Interactive and Film, but a discussion on the emerging genre of interactive storytelling finds itself at the intersection of both.

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Wavemakers by the Bay

Wavemakers by Caroline Martel

A special performance and screening at San Francisco’s Exploratorium brings some much deserved attention to the little-known, but deeply affecting, ondes Martenot.

The Exploratorium, now in its new location on Pier 15 in San Francisco, will be hosting a special screening of Caroline Martel’s fascinating documentary Wavemakers (Le chant des ondes) this Thursday evening as part of their monthly Of the Screen series.

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