Filmmakers Under the Influence: Colin Healey


From surreal stop-motion to method-acted mania, director Colin Healey peels back the layers of inspiration in his newest feature.

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Reinvent Hollywood?

If we could redesign the film industry into the best possible system for the artists, the audience and the business, what would it look like? Starting May 28, Fandor CEO Ted Hope will be leading that very conversation, partnering with Reinventors and gathering influencers together for a six-part interactive web series called Reinvent Hollywood

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Going Into the Story with Ted Hope: Part 4

Ted Hope Fandor

Ted concludes his conversation with Go Into The Story, offering up resources for screenwriters, hope for the “creator class” and a call for change.

“I hope to find partners who believe in the mission that the creators and their supporters should be the direct financial beneficiaries of the work they create.” – Ted Hope

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How To Successfully Market Your Indie Film

How To Successfully Market Your Indie Film Liz Ogilvie

Fandor’s Liz Ogilvie shares essential tips and tricks for getting the word out. By Lee Jameson.

Your film’s in the can—now what? Lee Jameson, the Film Education Coordinator at Film Independent, recently asked marketing guru Liz Ogilvie about the right way to promote an indie film. We’ve republished their conversation here, a must-read for the independent filmmakers and producers out there looking for a little bit of guidance.

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