Lumière, Maysles, Kuchar and More: Filmmaking Brothers in This Week’s Spotlight

Brotherly Love

For National Sibling Day Friday, April 10, we are showcasing the powerfully connected and collaborative spirits of filmmaking brothers, past and present. 

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Women in the Spotlight (On Both Sides of the Camera)

Fandor's Spotlight on Beyond Bechdel

For Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting stellar female directors from our FIX initiative and films that feature women-centric storylines. 

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Black American Cinema: A Spotlight and a Celebration

Fandor's Spotlight on Black American Cinema

At Fandor, we believe in the power of film as a tool beyond entertainment value: A means to inspire empathy, explore new narratives and illuminate the incredible depth and beauty of the human experience. This week, our Spotlight is on Black American Cinema. While timed to coincide with Black History Month, the films in this collection live in our library as an ongoing testament to the excellence, artistry and vision of their makers and subjects.

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Get a Taste of the Quest for Greatness with Fandor’s Newest Spotlight!

Fandor's Spotlight on Chasing Fame

This week, Fandor’s Spotlight is on…the spotlight.  Continue reading

Cool Without Color: Fandor’s Spotlight on a Timeless Aesthetic

Back in Black (and White) Spotlight

This week’s Spotlight is on clever, contemporary films with a vintage twist toward a new nostalgia.

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Neo-Noir: The Persistence of Mystery

Watch Fandor's Spotlight on Neo-Noir

In this week’s Spotlight, classic crime sagas get a contemporary infusion of style and smarts! Of course, they retain the atmospheric ambiance that makes film noir so immersive and enjoyable in the first place. 

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Give the Holiday Doldrums a TKO with Fandor’s Latest Spotlight!

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The halls won’t be the only thing getting decked this holiday season! Here at Fandor, we’ve got all the rough-and-tumble fun you need to beat (up) the winter blahs with our Spotlight on Seasons Beatings

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