Floats, Floods, Masks and Magic (and More)

FloodStreets-597x307We’re celebrating Mardi Gras and paying tribute to its mecca with films that capture the vibrant and resilient spirit that permeates New Orleans life. 

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Get Oscar Ready with Fandor


Ida, courtesy of Music Box Films

Let Fandor get you ready for the 87th Academy Awards® Ceremony, happening Sunday, February 22, 2015.
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Michael Read’s Films to Watch with Family (Part Two)

The Point directed by Fred Wolf

THE POINT  (1971) directed by Fred Wolf was one of Michael’s previous picks.

“This may sound curmudgeonly, but the family film as we once knew it seems to have become a relic of the past. At today’s Cineplex we have no shortage of childish films made for children, but the vast majority of these offer little appeal to adults. When I was a kid there were plenty of G-rated movies that were not specifically made for children—they just didn’t happen to feature any sex, violence or profanity. With this post, which serves as a sequel to my first list of family-friendly films, I offer up a list of films available on Fandor which children and their grown-ups might enjoy together.”

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Staff Picks: Jasmyn Wong

Jasmyn Wong Staff Picks

Eclectic and eccentric films that inspire the artist and touch the soul.

Fandor Data Integrity Specialist Jasmyn Wong is painfully hip: tattooed to the hilt, an animal on the drums and, come rain or shine, always sporting some pretty spiffy vintage threads. She’s also a renaissance girl at heart, a lover of music, film, and the arts. One of her greatest passions is watching eccentric and emotionally moving films that speak to her artistic sensibilities.

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Staff Picks: Michael Read

The Point directed by Fred Wolf featuring the music of Harry Nilsson

Parents take note: these are the movies you should be showing your children.

Fandor Creative Director, “über film geek” and father of two Michael Read is always on the look out for quality films he can watch with the kids. His advice? Feed your children a healthy diet of thought-provoking, stimulating and thoroughly entertaining movies and they’ll grow into bonafide cinephiles that would make any parent proud.

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Staff Picks: Tiffany Parker

Tiffany Parker Staff Picks

Quality control expert and certified cinéaste Tiffany Parker picks her Fandor favorites.

Tiffany Parker has been working in the Fandor content department practically since the beginning. As a quality control expert, she watches films before they make their way into the Fandor library, ensuring they pass her exacting standards so our members can enjoy the highest quality viewing experience possible. No irregularity makes it past her desk, which is why she’s earned the nickname Eagle Eye Parker around these parts.

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