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Alberto Cavalcanti


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The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

This is a wonderful classic film (based on a novel by Charles Dickens) that I had never seen before. The story is powerful and the acting is solid. The costuming...

They Made Me a Fugitive

More proof that the British also made great film noir. Snappy dialogue with authentic situations and settings. And that ending.........

They Made Me a Fugitive

A really good one. Well, it's got Trevor Howard and for my money anything he is in, he is good and this is no exception. A man double crossed and...

They Made Me a Fugitive

The original British Hard Man gangster flick. I BECAME A CRIMINAL is the U.K. title; the U.S., ever worried for its moral safety, redubbed it THEY MADE ME A...

They Made Me a Fugitive

Brit Noir full of tough guys and dames and dripping with dry quips!