Alex Cox

Alex Cox is a British-American film director, screenwriter and actor. Cox saw widespread success in the hollywood-counterculture movement of the 1980's with his cult films Repo Man and Sid and Nancy.  Following the highly controversial release of his ambitious and surreal bio-pic Walker in 1986, Alex has stoically pursued a career in independent cinema. His most recent film, funded on Kickstarter and made while teaching at the University of Colorado, was an entirely student-made adaptation of Harry Harrison's sci-fi novel Bill the Galactic Hero. Now, Tombstone Rashomon is his homage to Akira Kurosawa steeped in the mythology of the old-west. What really happened at The Gunfight at the OK Corral?

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Tombstone Rashomon

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ohh this is cool

Tombstone Rashomon

Loved it!

Tombstone Rashomon

This was like watching really bad local theater. I lasted about 10 minutes

3 Businessmen

Alex Cox is the poet laureate of DIY cinema. He makes films with loose change found down the back of couch cushions, screens them in papier-mâché theaters and boarded up...