Brent King

Brent King is an American writer and visual artist raised in the suburban south. In his youth he crept the catwalk, modeling for Calvin Klein and working with photographer Richard Avedon. While studying in New York he began acting in the theater and appeared in the Rolling Stones video "Love is Strong", directed by David Fincher. He later moved to Los Angeles where he continued acting in film and television before directing his first short film. Miss This At Your Peril was created from the ashes of his first play "Marijuana, Mon Amour" which was lost in a fire that consumed his home.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


Recent Reviews

Miss This at Your Peril

What a commentary of the masks used to cover the truth of what the girl said at the end! And all the different characters engaging in the raw environment of...

Miss This at Your Peril

Powerful group who stress the inner feelings of what addiction does and create in a outburst and expression of trying to understand sober life.

Miss This at Your Peril

oddly familiar