Gleb Osatinski


Gleb's award-winning short films screened at more than dozens film festivals around the world including Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia, Asiana International Film Festival, Krakow International Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, New York and Los Angeles Shorts Film Festivals.

His film 'The Quantified Self' was nominated Best Narrative Short at Woodstock Film Festival, has received a Programmers Award at Sidewalk Film Festival, and Runner UP award at the Boston Underground Film Festival.

Currently, Gleb Osatinski is pursuing his study MFA program in Writing / Directing at Columbia University, New York

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker]


Recent Reviews

The Quantified Self

Maybe I need to pay less attention to my Fitbit and pay more heed to the world around me. Thanks for the eye-opener!

The Quantified Self

Wonderful short film. I enjoyed it so much when I first watched it at a film festival that I thought about it for days. Thought provoking enough to join Fandor...

The Quantified Self

Absorbing critique of some of the most well traveled yet insidious aspects of our culture. The performances are compelling-- Is it an instructional? A documentary? Or a spoof? A stunning...

The Quantified Self

Superb. accomplishes in mere minutes a perfect movie.

The House at the Edge of the Galaxy

Definitely worth the fifteen minutes. It is pure fantasy and fun just for someone to think to make such a creative voyage. don't fasten your seatbelt, or you will look...