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Herk Harvey


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Carnival of Souls

All its missing is the intro by Rod Serling. Actually I think there was a similar Twilight Zone episode with car crash, woman victim, stalker; all but the eerie organ...

Why Study Home Economics?

Fascinating. I can't imagine a film like this being shown today.

Carnival of Souls

I love this film. There was a period in my life where I was so obsessed with this film that at my apartment I played it on repeat or 48...

Carnival of Souls

Despite all the flaws of a low-budget B-movie, Herk Harvey somehow created just enough nightmare imagery to seep into the collective consciousness. This film may not scare you, but it...

Carnival of Souls

4 ½ A stylized, really creepy and atmospheric ghost story that looks and sounds amazing, especially given it was obviously made with a Z-movie budget. The organ music, especially Mary’s...