Jos de Putter

Jos de Putter (1959) studied political science and literature at the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, and a post-graduate modern philosophy. He worked several years as a film critic before he made his first documentary in 1993.

 It's Been A Lovely Day (1993), about the last year of his parent's work and life on their traditional farm, was hailed internationally as a film in the purest documentary tradition. Awarded best debut of the year and elected best dutch film of the year by film critics association.

In 2007, the film was elected as one of the 16 best Dutch films ever made and thus became part of the Dutch Film Heritage.

In 1994, SOLO, The Law Of The Favela, focusing on the dreams of teenagers in the slums of Rio de Janeiro to become soccer stars, won the Joris Ivens Award at the Amsterdam Documentary Filmfestival. The Making Of A New Empire (1999, the Godfather-like story of a Chechen warlord) screened on A-Festivals Berlinale (FORUM) and Toronto and awarded the Jordaan-prize of the City of Amsterdam. Dans, Gronzy Dans (2002 following a tour of a Chechen children's dance troupe) winner of 7 international festivals, among which Chicago, Montréal Art Film Festival, Message to Man- St. Petersburg, and Rome. Alias Kurban Saïd (2004, about four different families who claim to be the heirs of a mysterious writer). How Many Roads (2005), collects the stories of various fans of Bob Dylan in a road movie through  the poetic landscape of Bob Dylan's songs as well as through today's America.

In 2006, de Putter started working as a visual artist, which led to various installations that were shown in Dutch museums. His experimental short film Passers-By was shown at the MOMA, New York.

In 2005, de Putter was honored with a retrospective of all his films in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, the Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Beyond The Game (2008) is the first documentary in the world about the heroes of the cyber-generation: an intimate portrait of the 2 best Warcraft-gamers on the way to their final duel. Prize for Artistic Success (most internationally succesful documentary of the year)

His new film See No Evil (2014), winner of the Viktor (Grand Prize for Best Film) at DokFest, Munich, is a portrait of three elderly famous chimpanzees, who 'look back upon their lives'.

Between 1996 and 2011 de Putter made numerous tv-documentaries for acclaimed programs Diogenes and Backlight (VPRO-tv). From 2007 – 2013  he was editor-in-chief of VPRO Backlight.

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