Karissa Hahn

Karissa Hahn (b.1992) is a visual artist whose work is concerned with the material properties of celluloid and the hybridization of media.  Many of her films currently exist in short-form and act as investigations that are conceived in chaos and displayed in calm; a spectra ephemera. Her work has shown at various international venues and underground film festivals.  

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


Recent Reviews

Retracing Home

Film is a caustic medium, a chemical reaction smeared on a strip of plastic. Karissa Hahn's short experimental films serve as an important reminder that in this age of digitized,...

Sayre's Vapor

It wouldn't play.

Effigy in Emulsion

quite an interesting study of photography and film-making

In Effluence accord; Emulsion

Interesting film I'm sure I'll be revisiting.

Retracing Home

A great visual - blurring the lines between photography, animation, painting and film. There is a note of nostalgia and the past.