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Paweł Pawlikowski


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The Woman in the Fifth

I have been trying to cancel my Fandor subscription, which has proven to be nearly impossible. But, I am still clinging to hope.

The Woman in the Fifth

There is plenty in this film to keep you watching..Two amazing actors like Kristen Scott Thomas and Ethan Hawke captivate..Interesting cinematography and score..but somehow the story, perhaps a mystery, psychological...


Damn, this movie is a real orgasm when it comes to photography, soundtrack and ambient/space. Every frame is beautiful and so intimate, that video fandor posted about 4:3 makes a...

The Woman in the Fifth

Tom's ex-wife was exactly right: he's not normal. And whether the disconnection (and psychosis) he experiences was self-created by way of a fragile ego and self-pity or forced upon him...

The Woman in the Fifth

Esthetically pleasing but not easy to follow journey. We don't know why he's troubled, we don't know why his wife is so estranged from him, we don't know why he...