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23 Kilometres2015

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  • 2.7
On the Damascus Road in Lebanon's beautiful Bekaa Valley, an aging man with late-stage Parkinson's takes one last journey. In his last known interview before he lost his ability to speak, Barkev Kevorkian spoke of his theories on cosmology. Though a machinist by trade in his troubled native Lebanon, Barkev was fascinated by the universe. He would regale any who listened with stories about leaving Earth and its violence behind and traveling to the outer reaches of space. But Parkinson's disease took away all that he loved. Barkev's stuttering got so bad he simply gave up trying to speak, and took to writing his thoughts in a journal instead. The neurological disease, notorious for its tremors and reduced mobility, also has one lesser-known symptom: it haunts it victims both day and night with vivid hallucinations. In this bold essay film, director Noura Kevorkian brings her father's written thoughts to life with stunning beauty, offering a rare and precious glimpse behind the veneer of aging and disease.