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3 Businessmen1998

  • 3.5
Two businessmen, Benny and Frank, venture out into the streets of Liverpool, a city neither of them knows, in search of dinner. They wander for miles, unable to find a meal, unaware that the town they began their journey in has morphed: first into Rotterdam, then into Tokyo and Hong Kong. Abandoned by a taxi in the desert, they encounter a third businessman, Leroy, are fed and briefly discover the metaphysical explanation for their trek.

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"...demonstrates the loneliness and alienation of the modern urban landscape." - Ralph Beliveau, Senses of Cinema

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I am a big fan of Alex Cox Every film he makes breaks the mold of the last. He is a genre buster. 3 Business Men is a strong piece of theater, as well as a solid work of cinema ART. I highly recomend this film to anybody.

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Alex Cox is the poet laureate of DIY cinema. He makes films with loose change found down the back of couch cushions, screens them in papier-mâché theaters and boarded up coffee shops. He's Godard without the aesthetics, Beckett without the ache of loss, Watkins without the rage.

One day you will walk down an unfamiliar alley, humming an old country tune, power transformers crackling overhead. Highway-hypnosis will leave you with no memory of having traveled, only the now-memory of being arrived. A projector will flicker, and on the dusty brick of the wall an Alex Cox movie will play: you will not ask what it means, you will not guess where it will go, you will but stand there, genial and intrigued, wondering if this is what death feels like for everyone, or simply for you alone.

3business men wandering with no place to go. all lost , don`t ask for directions, whined up in the boonies. funny and weird at the same time.

I think batman was better at displaying fear in the actors' emotive gestures.