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A Leap to Take2013

  • 3.1
  • passes the bechdel test
A small-time club owner takes his wife out for a birthday "night on the town" accompanied by a retinue of friends: would- be escorts, potential johns, ersatz modern artists; a motley group watching their lives go up in smoke due to the economic downturn. A satirical rocket ride of political invective, limericks and bad jokes, high spirits and questionable taste, dubious religion and quirky hi-jinks. The film careens toward the serious at the end, as the costs of behaving badly tally up: sadness for some, a leap-of-faith for others.

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It's very frustrating trying to watch what looks to be a very good film. Unfortunately, streaming is interrupted every few minutes or less. Therefore, I had to abandon watching the film. This is far from the first time this is happened on Fandor. Please find a way to resolve this issue. You have a great site, but if we can't watch the films, we might as well go back to Netflix.