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also known as Urok ne vprok

A Lesson Not Learned1971

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  • 3.8
Once a Nazi, always a Nazi: that’s the lesson not learned in this animated Soviet propaganda short. A former SS captain gets a free pass from the Allies after the war. Military prison affords many comforts: he listens to his favorite Nazi anthems, hides "Mein Kampf" in a Bible and composes anti-Soviet tracts. Spouting swastikas and gunfire, he’s greeted with wild fanfare once released in West Germany. This broad caricature of the very real problem of denazification culminates in the film’s heroic assertion of the Berlin Wall, a depiction bizarrely out-of-step with conventional historical views today.



Member Reviews (3)



A marvelous reminder of why I'm a Communist. Can't wait to show it to my grandchildren.