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A Matter of Choice1963

  • 3.5
Five people are soon to find that their lives inextricably entwined for the worse. Two youths have been searching for girls and end up in a fight with a policeman. The policeman falls and is hit by a car driven by Lisa and her secret lover John. When Lisa's husband Charles finds the police waiting to interview his wife, the tangle of lies and deceit that the night started with, begins to slowly unravel.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

This film has a fascinating story line that presents us with two seemingly unrelated plot threads that eventually converge. One could say the film's moral is "no man is an island": through the relentless machinery of choice and fate, the characters' lives intersect in an unpredictable and implacable way. One of Vernon Sewell's best, before his career plummeted in the late 60s.

Mediocre at best.