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A Place in the Sun1994

  • 3.1
Model-handsome Athenian Ilias (Stavros Zalmas) has "never been in love… at least not for more than a couple of weeks." But after a spell abroad, he returns home to discover his city "flooded with foreigners" in the wake of Balkan conflicts and the Iron Curtain's collapse. Amongst these hungry new prospects he finds Panagiotis (Panagiotis Tstitsas), a handsome, rough-hewn young Albanian. It's love at last! Although whether that feeling is mutual is seldom clear given the poor emigre's disinclination to make his own money, let alone identify as "gay." Writer-director Constantine Giannaris, born in Greece but raised in Australia, had recently returned from a long stay in London when he created this loose, impressionistic narrative etched in both color and black-and-white imagery. A coda suggests its drama was inspired by bittersweet autobiographical experience. - Dennis Harvey

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well done. interesting. low budget doesn't get in the way. music is great.

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well done. interesting. low budget doesn't get in the way. music is great.

1 member likes this review
top reviewer

An interesting portrait of a gay Athenian's obsession with a straight (in the pansexual way of young drifters in Greece) man who comes and goes with his fortunes. It has a compassionate bittersweet tone.

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done really well beautiful for the most part_the one on one scenes are least interesting for me_i like all the connecting speed shots color & black & white that weave through the film & make it flow_really thoughtful & well done

The reason this film deserves five stars is that it dares to be poetic and erotic without ridiculous plotting or distancing effects. The actors are eminently photogenic and by turns sensitive and edgy. Beautiful photography. It's a little slice of melancholy and desire without a bow on the end. How perfect is that?

Interesting. Brief, but full of enigmatic suggestion. Draws the watcher into it as a participant. The movie provides some nice insight and views into modern Greek culture.

What a beautiful man we see in about six hundred close -ups and he does the one thing he never does, he falls in love with the schmuck. But the schmuck just takes him for his dough and not much sex please. Eventually, things turn around and everyone lives pleasantly till the end of the movie. Corn.

a very slow motion of an affair with only a ? at the end

different but good

It wqas o.k. but not my cup of tea! Not enough interaction between the characters and over drawn scenes of nothing (like a travelogue ). It only came together near the end and the feelings for each other finally emerged. The movie was too static, never getting to the point, always putting off the denouement (in my opinion).

Unusual, a bit strange, but really interesting. Gritty low-tech film- making that really appealed to me. Enjoyed it very much


interesting characters and relationships and love endures and with understanding bond.

Best film I've seen in awhile. Prime moment came at the end.