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A Visit to Peek Frean and Co.1906

  • 3.7
Confection manufacturers Peek Frean and Company (founded in London in 1857) commissioned this film tour of their biscuit works operation, which follows the entire process from the steam-cleaning of the large vats, to the making and kneading of dough, all the way to the loading of biscuit tins onto horse-drawn wagons en route to market. It’s a serious industrial undertaking, requiring a large number of male and female workers (all looking calm and dedicated in this promotional portrait), and a well-executed cinematic explication, beautifully lit with help from arc lights brought in for the shoot. A jaunty period piano score accompanies the silent footage. - Robert Avila

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Member Reviews (2)

that's a lotta cookies, remember they were always good exceptional taste and quality

A kind of early predecessor to the TV show How It's Made. Interesting, and a bit hypnotic. Mass production came to baked goods much earlier than I realized.