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  • 3.7
Welcome to ABSURDISTAN, a small village in the high desert mountains, just on the outskirts of reality, where magical visions and bizarre events fuse together. The village is facing a water shortage, but the men are too lazy to fix a rickety pipeline and the women are getting fed up with their good-for-nothing husbands. Led by young Aya, the women make a simple vow: “No water, no sex.” The men's only hope is Temelko, whose long-promised wedding with Aya is put on hold until he finds a solution for the water problem.

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cute movie, titled correctly! left me with a light heart & smiling.

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top reviewer

The title is quite accurate, a funny battle of the sexes and star crossed lovers film. It was hard not to enjoy it, especially the music!

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cute movie, titled correctly! left me with a light heart & smiling.

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I loved this movie! Witty, romantic, and funny!

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top reviewer

A very odd but strangely affecting story of love and water. Shot in Georgia and Azerbaijan and speaking a truly foreign language it could also be a parable for the upcoming water shortages in this world if we aren't careful!

top reviewer

really silly but it ended up being really sweet_Aya her boyfriend & grandmother are special

I enjoyed this movie

Great little movie. Sort of a fable brought to life. Very nicely done. From the "Ounce apon a time" . To the "Happily ever after". An enjoyable film.