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Acapulco Gold1973

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  • 4.0
The fun and fascinating story of harvesting, cultivation and smuggling of marijuana in America.



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"If you see it, you will understand it, and many fears go away. With national legalization of marijuana becoming more and more visible, this sort of film is much needed." - Ellen Frank, writing about the film playing in Ann Arbor in 1974

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I was mildly interested because I lived for several years in the epicenter of the Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers (DG county), albeit a decade later. It was mildly interesting but once the film moved to California, I lost even the mild varietal of engagement. Still, might be worth seeing for cultural historians as a real-life portrayal of cannabis culture without any of the fun stuff, even consuming the cannabis. I'm fortunate enough to live in a Legalize(d) it state and am interested in the subject.

Last word, if you'd like to laugh your ass off and enjoying lore of the fun stuff of Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers left out by this film, find the book that came out while I lived there- "Even cows are freaky when they look at you: a history of the Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers" (foreword by William S. Burroughs, our most illustrious citizen during my time there).

informative!!!,,,,,,and groovy man....... lets score a lid !!!