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Acquaintances of a Lonely John2008

  • 3.1
He lives his life alone trying to connect with anything or anyone he can. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between hysterical crying and hysterical laughter.

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Member Reviews (18)

I'm not really sure if there was a point.

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Slightly better than the other two films I've seen by these brothers, but still wasn't interesting or funny.

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top reviewer

I really enjoyed that a lot. It didn't bow down to the traditional plot, the usual arc of problems. It's just a very realistic interesting set of dynamics between quirky people I'd never have a chance to sort of get to know otherwise. The winning smile at the beginning that's rejected is so sad, I really wanted to see what his life was like.

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Not the funniest or the most interesting of the John films, but worth a look.

its easy to relate to this character


Reminds me of my life.

Pointless with an abrupt ending. I want my 14 minutes back.


Boring and bad sound

Some humorous moments. Maybe a more fleshed out idea to tie these events together would help the film be stronger.

Ah I felt so bad for the guy. He truly was lonely.

This film was either over my head or below my intellect..

sweet, meant to be reality based I believe but fell short