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Act Your Age1949

  • 3.5
Growing up is tough. This Coronet short can help. Advice? ACT YOUR AGE. That isn't for emphasis. It's the title, too. Don't be a child. Don't throw your bat. Don't make a fool of yourself. Don't. - Jonathan Marlow

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Member Reviews (10)

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top reviewer

Too bad Mr. Edmonds didn’t talk to any of the people I work with!

A reminder of the days of ignorance.

Awesome slice of old Americana

I remember watching these types of films in school in the early 70's. They are as relevant today as they were then and when they were made. Children today should be so fortunate as to be made to watch and model these films.

exactly the world i was born into.

If only today's youth could be so wholesome.

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I didn't hold out much hope that this would have any really relevant message for today, but turns out it is a very pertinent and timely lesson that my teen could relate to and I so appreciated the old school principal's style in getting it across.

How old are you ?? This film will give you a system to gage your "grown up attitude"..These old instructional films seem funny and very dated to us but maybe they would help todays youth.. You never know!

The description of the film was hilarious. I expected the film to be cheesier than it was. It was painfully sincere.