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After the Circus2013

  • 2.9
An exploration into 19th century death mystiques, which rely heavily on the supernatural, along with a belief in, or at least a fascination with, fairy magic, much of it implied through subtle imagery. In all, it is a fascinating and astonishingly replete compendium of spiritual endeavor, the 19th century literary body of work that is, along with such masterful illustrators as Gustave Dore and others. These authors were passionately interested in what is noble and what is depraved, a far cry from present day ethics.

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It’s pretty dawgone cool that Lawrence Jordan has been making experimental films for over half a century, and continues to do so as we plunge ahead in this century. It’s also a reminder that sometimes, avant garde cinema is like an exotic meal. You don’t analyze it. You don’t deconstruct it. You experience it. You allow your senses to be stimulated, to be moved the the mystery and visceral beauty of the life.

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