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Ain't Misbehavin'1981

  • 3.7
A solitary man's mind, becomes a battlefield of overlapping images and voices. As he spends the day in his house doing an assortment of domestic jobs: cooking, eating, reading, writing and bathing, images of war and death enter the man's mind. The anonymity of life can haunt you if you think on it too much.

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Member Reviews (2)

There's a thin line between sanity and madness. We're often cognitively hijacked by the overstimulating world before fully realizing it. Those images leak through mundane activities, haunting our subconsciousness. This animation is quite remarkable at capturing that boundary between what is normal and what is too much for the human psyche to handle.

I typically don't read the descriptors of films until after I've watched them. As I watched this short I was intrigued by the images, but unsure of what they meant. The ending brought it all together. Spoiler. The many facets of the man haunted him or at least caused him concern, as they do most people I would think, leading him to crawl into bed in a fetal position. A reflection on the many demands placed upon us in the modern age and the anxiety they can produce?