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also known as Hong Kong Confidential


  • 2.7
Hong Kong: one week in one of the most exotic and picturesque cities of the world. The movie follows six characters whose lives are all connected in one way or another. The day of changes comes when Amaya (played by the world famous, multiple award winning Kaori Momoi) meets a charming Englishman, Paul. Their encounter dramatically changes Amaya's perception of her cultural and personal identity. Their lives change forever. But one thing remains universal: love.

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A great film with similarities of "Lost In Translation", but delivers on its own merits. I recommend this film.

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A great film with similarities of "Lost In Translation", but delivers on its own merits. I recommend this film.

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pretty bad really _it's all so dumb _but it's filmed really well _i held on for awhile because the girl is really pretty but lost patience

This film is not without its merits; however, acting, story, and dialogue are not among them. There seem to be a number of semi-explained subplots going on here, but for the most part the characters are not compelling enough to elicit enough interest from the viewer to unravel them. Andrius Mamontovas' Paul is insufferable (and his acting is wooden at best). Monie Tung is breathtakingly beautiful, though her character is largely undeveloped. The story seems to pivot around Kaori Momoi's Amaya, although it seems that there are some important plot points that are alluded to but never explained. Or perhaps it just seems that there should be more to the film, but in fact it is simply about the insipid pseudo-philosophical musings of an annoyingly self-absorbed backpacker (with inexplicably large sums of spending money). And there are some completely unnecessary and largely execrable pop tunes thrown in for good measure, presumably when the director is at a loss for any other way to set a mood. I'd give it a miss.