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Ambrose's Fury1915

  • 3.0
When Mack Swain, suffering from his domineering wife’s orders, starts flirting with the neighbor, AMBROSE'S FURY slowly rolls to a boil. He arranges to meet the young woman for some extramarital swimming and the ocean setting invigorates the slapstick in no time. The young woman’s clothes are taken by the tide so she takes shelter in Swain’s plus-sized suit, a costume that's fit for an awkward run-in with the wife. Meanwhile, Swain is on the run from a Keystone Kop in his bathing suit. It all comes to a head back at the house where there aren’t enough hiding places for all the philanderers. The washed-out look of the print suggests a dupe (a copy of one film print to another). Unfortunately, this is the best version available to us at the moment.

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Great old Mack Sennett one-reeler with 19 year old Louise Fazenda