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  • 3.2
An ambitious and idealistic young actress comes to Berlin to convince an American ex-pat filmmaker that she must be his next muse and, therein, she should be the leading lady of his first great German film.

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Because the plot of A/Muse is so close to his life, it made me wonder if Hartley made this film to rid himself of his own silly fantasy. It would be nice, as an artist, if some saving grace came out of nowhere to help you creatively. But then again, anybody who would do such a thing would, perhaps, not be very helpful. Or maybe she just didn't get to him in time. Or maybe the man in the film is not Hartley (indeed he is not, and the actress playing the actress is not the same as the character).

This is speculative and rambling. But watching Hartley's films, it's hard not to speculate on him as a filmmaker, and then ramble about it. I am constantly reminded that I am watching a film, the product of a creative process and of much deep contemplation. That's not to say that his work is dry or overly serious, which is one of the best things about it. For all the intellectual overtones of this film, and other Hartley stuff, it's still accessible. I recommend watching this in combination with the other Hartley shorts—and look out for another shot of those impressive European windows in Adventure.

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she's great_Christina Flick_a sweet film

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Always like the indie flavor of Hartley.

Semi-documentary style short story of a turning point in an ambitious young woman's life.

A cute story with a surprise ending. Actress Christina Flick is fun to watch. She intermittently speaks German but switches to English as she composes a letter to the film director of her fantasy.



beautiful poignant and humorous glimpse at a muse in waiting,...

A nice little film.

This is a film about a young, pretty, German girl and her infatuation with a filmmaker. On the one hand, there isn't much to this film. On the other hand, it's very easy to sympathize with the protagonist because her feelings of infatuation and dismay are so artfully conveyed.