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also known as Kenju giga

An Anthropo-Cynical Farce1970

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  • 3.5
A dog race is interrupted by a ringmaster who attaches fish to the animals' collars and makes them run in circles. The crowd becomes incensed and the ringmaster finds himself in a race for his life. Adapted from a story by Riichi Yokomitsu.



Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

What a beautiful nightmare! Kawamoto combines classic stop-motion animation with monochromatic images to create a chilling little fable with Kafka-like overtones. flashbulb phantoms of this film linger in the brain...

Wonderful farce! Chilling and hilarious at the same time.

It probably had a point, some allegorical insight into the state of the human condition, but right now I'm too cynical to really care.

One of many little know geniuses.

animator is great and prose is priceless